A Chance of Awesome

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About the Book

Sometimes in life, you just feel ... stuck.

When you’re stumped by a seemingly unsolvable challenge, sometimes all you need is a little nudge from an outsider with a fresh perspective, someone who points out the answer that was there the whole time.

This book is that little nudge.

If you’re feeling discouraged, lost, or maybe even hopeless, this book is the spark you need to see the opportunity you’ve been missing and the inspiration to grab it.

One of Adultitis’s best tricks is to affect your vision so you see problems as road blocks, risks as reasons to stay put, and dead ends as endings. The most successful people in life and business tend to see opportunities that others miss. This book argues that it’s not a talent; it’s a habit. The difference between success and failure is not luck; it’s about looking at your world in a whole new way. This book will help you do that.

Changing the way you see changes everything.

And increases your chances of awesome.

This gorgeous 240-page full-color book is bursting with Jason's whimsical artwork, which beautifully illustrates his witty anecdotes and wise insights. Featuring a hard cover with a spot gloss finish, this thoughtfully-crafted gem is sure to make a statement, whether it's as a gift or an inviting presence on your coffee table.

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