Freedom Print

$ 20.00

Children are carefree. They are free to wear the most ridiculous looking outfits, never thinking that someone might be snickering behind their backs. They are free to draw whatever they wish, without looking over their shoulder to see what everyone else is drawing. They are free to love the color brown, even if colors like red and blue are way more popular.

We all experience this freedom as children. Eventually — and earlier and earlier these days — that freedom slips away. We become more aware of the latest trends. We care more about social norms. And we do start paying attention to what our peers are doing, as well as how they perceive us. And I’m not just talking about the peer pressure of the adolescent and teenage years.

If you’re not careful, you may wake up one day and find yourself in a career that someone else desired for you, stuck in a job with a salary that you can’t afford to lose, living a life that looks eerily similar to that of your neighbor’s. To top it all off, you’re afraid to do anything about it because other people might think you’re crazy, foolish, or in the middle of some sort of mid-life crisis.

Never shy away from being you, worry about social norms, or compare yourself with others. Follow your own path. One thing's for sure: one can never be truly happy unless one is truly free. 

- - -

This colorful artwork by Jason Kotecki comes in an 8x10 size. Each museum quality print is made on thick, archival, acid-free matte paper. Printed in America.


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