Chat Pack Stories

$ 9.95

Although we're living in times in which we're supposedly more "connected" than ever, the real question is whether or not were actually making any real connections. Let's face it, there's only so much conversation you can have via text message. But let's say you can get your family to turn off the TV, unplug their iPods and give the video games a break...what do you actually talk about?

That's where Chat Pack Stories comes to the rescue.

The clear, compact case contains 156 stylized cards, each one featuring a question that's guaranteed to get people talking about the things they've done, places they've been, and people they've met. It's never been easier or more fun to connect with friends, family and colleagues -- even total strangers! They're perfect for:

  • Dinner parties
  • Family gatherings
  • Car trips
  • Social events
  • Business meetings
  • Small groups
  • Lunch with friends

Here are some sample questions:

Got a story to share about love at first sight?

Got a story to tell about a time when you were so happy you cried?

Got a story to share about a horrible haircut you got?

Got a story to share about meeting someone famous?

Got a story to share about a pet destroying something?

Imagine the laughter, insight, and memories you'll collect after just a few rounds of answering these interesting conversation starters. Get the Chat Pack and transform your next car trip, dinner party or family gathering into an unforgettable event that brings everyone closer together.

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