Things Are Looking Up Print

$ 20.00

This work was created in the midst of -- and in response to -- the global economic crisis. I don't know about you, but to me it's been downright exhausting to hear the constant stream of negativity on the news and in daily conversation. No doubt, we are living in trying times, but no matter who dire the circumstance, there are always hidden opportunities waiting to be found. Some of the largest and most important companies and technological advances were born in the most challenging periods of history.

Some may discount the power of positive thinking, but the truth is this: You can't spot a good opportunity when you're looking at life with a bad attitude.

I used the weather section of a national newspaper as the foundation of this piece to serve as a reminder that it's up to us whether our future forecast is sunny or gloomy.

- - -

This colorful artwork by Jason Kotecki comes in an 8x10 size. Each museum quality print is made on thick, archival, acid-free matte paper. Printed in America.


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